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For assistance from Project Citizenship, call 617-694-5949!

What to expect:

  • Screening: Callers are briefly screened for citizenship eligibility and receive instructions for next steps based on their individual circumstances.
  • Workshop: Applicants attend one of our frequent workshops where they fill out a citizenship application with a trained volunteer. Pro bono attorneys and Department of Justice accredited representatives review all applications. Project Citizenship mails the application and provides study materials for the civics test, as well as referrals to English or citizenship classes.
  • Follow-up: Project Citizenship follows up to get missing information from clients, and tracks the application until the applicant successfully becomes a U.S. citizen.
  • Next steps:
    1. Biometrics appointment, to take fingerprints and a photo
    2. Naturalization interview, which includes the English and civics test
    3. Oath ceremony, where the applicant officially becomes a U.S. citizen!

Over the past few years, processing times for citizenship applicants have become longer. While timelines vary widely across the country, citizenship takes about 8 – 14 months on average from start to finish in our area. Because this process can take so long, we encourage permanent residents to apply for citizenship as soon as they are eligible.

Interested in a citizenship class?

Our partner QARI provides citizenship classes online for free. You can register on this website


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