Denise Porche has held leadership roles in philanthropy, social service provision, and community activism for more than two decades. Presently, Denise is Executive Director of the Island Foundation, which she has led since 2009. Under her leadership, the Island Foundation has increased its funding for equity and inclusion, basic needs, and educational and work opportunities for underserved populations. She also founded the Southeastern Massachusetts Food Security Network and the Women CEO’s Group.

Prior to joining the Island Foundation, Denise was a fellow at the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice at Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, she worked on inclusion projects and immigration issues, and she was a member of the Harvard Diversity Working Group. And before that, Denise spent many years at Catholic Social Services directing the Office for Child Protection and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Denise holds an MSW from Boston University and a BA in English Literature from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.