Our Model

To maximize the impact of our small but dedicated staff, we use an efficient and effective group-processing model (workshops) to assist as many permanent residents as possible on their journey to citizenship. We assist about 1,600 clients apply for citizenship on average each year, in large part thanks to our outstanding trained volunteers.

In our virtual model, we host workshops on Zoom. In our in-person model, we host workshops at three different venues:

  • Community workshops, in towns such as Lawrence, Lowell, Chelsea, Attleboro, and Quincy, and partner with local organizations. We recruit volunteers from both the community and Boston law firms. These workshops typically take place one to two times per month.
  • Law firm workshops, hosted in the office of one of our Boston law firm partners. Volunteers at these workshops are pro bono attorneys from these firms. These workshops typically take place once per month.
  • Citizenship Center workshops, hosted in our office. Partner law firms provide pro bono attorneys at these workshops. These workshops typically occur three times per month.

Our largest event is our annual Citizenship Day in Boston, which occurs every September and draws hundreds of applicants and volunteers every year.

On average, we host about 60 – 70 workshops each year. To register for an appointment, call our office at 617-694-5949.

What is a workshop?

A workshop is an event held by Project Citizenship during which trained volunteers, pro bono attorneys, and staff complete citizenship applications with applicants.

What happens at a workshop?

Applicants signed up to attend the workshop meet with Project Citizenship staff, a trained volunteer, and/or a pro bono attorney to fill out the citizenship application. After the application has been filled out, a senior staff member reviews the application to ensure no errors have been made. The applicant then has their photo taken to attach to the application. Finally, the applicant receives a copy of their completed application for their records, along with information on next steps of the application process.

How do I sign up to attend a workshop?

Call us directly at (617) 694-5949 to get started!



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