Project Citizenship seeks to increase the naturalization rate in Massachusetts and beyond.  We are a nonprofit agency that provides free, high quality services to permanent residents to help them become U.S citizens.  Project Citizenship offers free workshops, eligibility screening, application assistance, legal referrals and all materials needed to apply for U.S. citizenship. In addition, Project Citizenship works collaboratively with community-based partners in New England to provide a range of support services, civics instruction, application assistance, and ESOL classes.


Why We Do What We Do

We focus exclusively on citizenship because of the values that we hold as an organization:

Inclusion:  We welcome immigrants in the community and encourage them to become citizens as soon as they are eligible.

Democracy:  We promote civic engagement among immigrants, to make new citizens active participants in their communities and country.

Opportunity:  We promote the value of citizenship.   Citizenship provides opportunities for increased access to benefits, jobs, and advancement for immigrants, their children, families and future generations to come.

Community:  We inspire and assist immigrants to gain the benefits of citizenship to strengthen community ties.

Collaboration:  We engage community-based organizations, partners and pro bono legal services to make Project Citizenship a community-driven, cost-effective model that is able to serve a vast number of immigrants across New England.