Project Citizenship has 9 community partners in 2020. Partner agencies provide a range of free support services for permanent residents seeking citizenship, including civics instruction, application assistance, legal referrals and ESOL classes. The following 2 community partners provide English and/or citizenship classes and collaborate with Project Citizenship to host citizenship workshops.


Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell, Inc.

cmaa-logoThe Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell, Inc. (CMAA) was incorporated as a not-for-profit Massachusetts corporation in 1984. It has been granted 501(c) (3) status by the Internal Revenue Service. CMAA has a unique corporate structure in that its “owners” are the members of the Cambodian community of Lowell. Most of the city’s Asian residents are Cambodian refugees who were resettled in Lowell during the 1980’s. As the number of Cambodians resettled in Lowell grew, and Cambodian Buddhist temples, markets, restaurants and other stores sprang up in Lowell, there was a secondary migration, as Cambodians resettled elsewhere moved to Lowell to join family and friends. Based on school enrollment data, and other data sources, most estimates place Lowell’s Southeast Asian population at 30,000 to 35,000. By any count, Lowell is home to the second largest Cambodian refugee population in the US. Long Beach, California has a larger population, but they make up a much smaller percentage of the population of that city. To learn more about CMAA, please click here.

Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.

QARI is located in Quincy and offers multilingual outreach services, including access to healthcare, childcare, public school, and tax assistance. Project Citizenship is proud to offer citizenship services to QARI students and the Quincy communities QARI serves. QARI’s mission is to foster and improve the social, cultural, economic and civic lives of Asian Americans and their families to benefit Quincy and its neighboring communities. Through collaborations and partnerships, we provide culturally competent services including adult education programs, youth development, and cultural events as well as information and referrals to public and other community organizations.

To learn more about QARI, please click here.


The following 7 community partners provide FREE citizenship application assistance around Massachusetts. They are each recognized by the Department of Justice or have attorneys on staff.

Action for Boston Community Development

ABCD-Main-LogoAction for Boston Community Development, Inc (ABCD) strives to empower individuals, families, and communities by providing them with the tools to overcome poverty, live with dignity, and achieve their full potential. To fulfill this mission, ABCD utilizes its network of neighborhood centers and numerous programs throughout the city. For over 50 years, ABCD has offered a broad spectrum of programs for people in need – from day-to-day crises to long-term work and educational support. Today, ABCD serves over 100,000 low-income Boston residents each year, providing hands-on assistance and equipping them with the skills and self-confidence they need to move forward in their lives. We respond promptly to emerging issues and are committed to ensuring that our programs reflect the needs of the community. This commitment led to the creation of our Immigration Services Program in 2008, which has grown steadily over the years and currently provides assistance to over 1,000 individuals each year. Providing free, comprehensive, multi-lingual immigration services brings ABCD closer to achieving its mission of helping people out of poverty, improving lives, and strengthening communities.

To learn more about ABCD, please click here.

Agencia ALPHA

Founded in January of 2002 by two immigrant women from Guatemala, Agencia Alpha is a grassroots, faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of immigrant communities. The organization seeks to integrate immigrants into the social, political, and economic fabric of society and improve their quality of life in the United States. Agencia Alpha focuses on three areas: legalization and citizenship services, community organizing, and leadership development. The agency has offices in Boston and East Boston.

To learn more about Agencia Alpha, please click here.



International Institute of New England

IINE’s community-based sites feature a core of common services essential to its mission. Refugee resettlement, case management, health services navigation, employment, education and literacy, and citizenship programming achieve IINE’s overarching objective to welcome, aid, educate, employ, and help naturalize New England’s refugees and immigrants.  IINE provides support services to facilitate ongoing barriers to self-sufficiency, and to promote self-efficacy.  IINE’s ESOL program helps clients acquire English language and literacy skills.  IINE offers its legal services and free citizenship classes and citizenship exam preparation in Lowell, Manchester, and Boston.  IINE is DOJ recognized and has an attorney on staff and two DOJ accredited representatives.

To learn more about IINE, click here.


Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers

The Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers (MAPS) is a private, nonprofit, community-based organization that has provided a wide range of health and human services and other Portuguese-speaking residents of eastern Massachusetts since 1970. MAPS aims to improve the lives of Portuguese-speaking individuals and families in Massachusetts and help them to become contributing, active participants in American society while maintaining strong ethnic identity and a sense of community.

MAPS works with and for the Brazilian, Cape Verdean, Portuguese and other Portuguese-speaking communities to increase access and remove barriers to health services, education and social through direct leadership of advocacy services, and development of the community.

The agency offers a variety of programs that break down language and cultural barriers to health and social services, education and economic opportunities through its offices located in the heart of the Portuguese-speaking communities of Cambridge, Somerville, Boston, Lowell and Framingham.

To learn more about MAPS, click here.

Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition

mira MIRA is a coalition of over 100 community-based organizations and their allies. We are one of over 10 other state-wide coalitions throughout the country working to build power at the city and state, and ultimately national, levels to develop a coordinated and collective voice of immigrants, for immigrants. The efforts of the coalition serve immigrants not just in helping shape and influence legislation from the top-down through our policy analysis and lobbying, but also by engaging those impacted by the policies in the initiatives to change them for the better from the bottom-up through our community organizing, education and naturalization campaigns. It is through supporting and facilitating more welcoming and fair policies that we can build on the capacities of new arrivals to the city and strengthen our local community and country. To learn more about MIRA please click here

Northeast Justice Center

Northeast Justice Center helps low-income and elderly people of Northeast Massachusetts obtain justice and empowerment through skillfull, creative, and persistent advocacy for systemic change and high-quality individual representation. . Civil legal areas of practice include immigration, public benefits, housing and elder law. NJC has offices in Lynn, Lawrence and Lowell.

To learn more about Northeast Justice Center, please click here.




Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center

The Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center, formerly known as the Somali Women and Children’s Association, was established in 1993. It is a community-based, grassroots organization dedicated to promoting educational and socio-economic development in Massachusetts refugee and immigrant communities. RIAC’s mission is to promote cultural, educational, and socioeconomic development in the refugee and immigrant communities. To realize their mission, RIAC offers the following range of services to support successful resettlement and to promote self-sufficiency:  Refugee Resettlement, Post-Resettlement Support Services, Community Education & Outreach and Counseling Services.

To learn more about RIAC, please click here.