Project Citizenship collaborates with many organizations across Massachusetts to break down the barriers to citizenship and increase access to citizenship legal services. Partner agencies provide a range of free support services for permanent residents seeking citizenship, including civics instruction, application assistance, legal referrals and ESOL classes. Our community partners provide English and/or citizenship classes and collaborate with Project Citizenship to host citizenship workshops.

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Since 1969, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) has been a vital presence in Greater Boston and beyond, empowering Asians and new immigrants to build healthy families, achieve greater economic success, and contribute to thriving communities. BCNC provides a broad range of innovative programs and services centered around education, workforce development, family support, and arts and culture, leaving a significant and lasting impact on the lives of more than 13,000 children, youth, and adults every year from four locations in Boston and Quincy. To learn more about BCNC, please visit


Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell, Inc.

cmaa-logoThe Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell, Inc. (CMAA) was incorporated as a not-for-profit Massachusetts corporation in 1984. It has been granted 501(c) (3) status by the Internal Revenue Service. CMAA has a unique corporate structure in that its “owners” are the members of the Cambodian community of Lowell. Most of the city’s Asian residents are Cambodian refugees who were resettled in Lowell during the 1980’s. As the number of Cambodians resettled in Lowell grew, and Cambodian Buddhist temples, markets, restaurants and other stores sprang up in Lowell, there was a secondary migration, as Cambodians resettled elsewhere moved to Lowell to join family and friends. Based on school enrollment data, and other data sources, most estimates place Lowell’s Southeast Asian population at 30,000 to 35,000. By any count, Lowell is home to the second largest Cambodian refugee population in the US. Long Beach, California has a larger population, but they make up a much smaller percentage of the population of that city. To learn more about CMAA, please click here.


Latino Support Network

The Latino Support Network is a social enterprise providing resources, services and serving as a connector in order to support the integration process of our Latino community and other immigrant communities in the United States. The Latino Support Network is also a Massachusetts certified Community Development Corporation (CDC) and we work collaboratively with our local residents, community-based organizations, local government and others to create affordable housing in the city of Lynn and provide pathways to increase home ownership and create greater wealth in our community.


Latinx Community Center for Empowerment

LCCE’s mission is to empower community members by means of education for their active participation in the workforce, civic engagement and decision making with the purpose to promote socioeconomic development. LCCE serves the Lowell community.



Lawrence CommunityWorks

Lawrence CommunityWorks (LCW) is a community development corporation that weaves together community planning, organizing, and asset-building efforts with high-quality affordable housing and commercial development to create vibrant neighborhoods and empowered residents. By facilitating conversations and action on community priorities, LCW engages partners and a network of youth and adult residents in opportunities to move themselves and the city of Lawrence forward. To learn more about LCW, please click here.



Notre Dame Education Center Boston


Notre Dame Education Center is committed to providing quality education and support services in a diverse caring community that empowers adult learners to realize their full potential. Learn more here.




Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.

QARI is located in Quincy and offers multilingual outreach services, including access to healthcare, childcare, public school, and tax assistance. Project Citizenship is proud to offer citizenship services to QARI students and the Quincy communities QARI serves. QARI’s mission is to foster and improve the social, cultural, economic and civic lives of Asian Americans and their families to benefit Quincy and its neighboring communities. Through collaborations and partnerships, we provide culturally competent services including adult education programs, youth development, and cultural events as well as information and referrals to public and other community organizations. In 2020, QARI and Project Citizenship received funding from USCIS to collaborate on providing civic education and legal services to the Massachusetts immigrant community.

To learn more about QARI, please click here.



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