Citizenship Services

We help eligible immigrants apply for citizenship! To maximize our impact, we utilize volunteers and pro bono attorneys to staff citizenship workshops to help groups of hopeful citizens complete their applications.

→  If you want to apply for citizenship, contact us at 617-694-5949 or to get started. Read below for more information.

→ Want to volunteer? Check out this page 

Start your Citizenship Journey

Confirm you are eligible to apply for citizenship: As citizenship experts, we will help confirm your eligibility. Call us or email us to make sure you can apply!

  • We are a Department of Justice (DOJ) recognized organization with immigration attorneys and DOJ accredited representatives on staff.
  • We may help request and review information to make a final determination of your eligibility.
  • Our staff speak Spanish, Haitian Creole, French, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, and Japanese. Email us if additional language support is needed.

Fill out your application at a citizenship workshop: Once we confirm you are eligible to apply, we will schedule an appointment for an in-person or virtual citizenship workshop to complete the application.

  • We have in-person and virtual appointments available. We will talk about what works best for you and what information we will need to finish your application.
  • At your appointment, you will get a copy of your completed application, information about organizations with free English and citizenship preparation classes, and study materials for the naturalization exams.

Get support after submitting your application until you’re a citizen!

  • We submit your application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with a notice of appearance so that we get copies of every notice you get along the process. This allows us to check the status of your application and answer questions.
  • After submitting a citizenship application, applicants must follow through with USCIS:
    • Attend a biometrics appointment to take fingerprints and a photo
    • Pass your naturalization interview
    • Swear an oath of allegiance to officially become a U.S. citizen

Note: Immigrants must have lawful permanent residence (a green card) to apply for citizenship. If you think your minor child may have gotten citizenship through a parent, contact us about how we can help them get proof of their citizenship status!

What is a Citizenship Workshop?

Our citizenship workshops are scheduled for appointments to help eligible immigrants start their citizenship journey. Volunteers help complete applications and pro bono attorneys review.

We hold around 50 workshops per year and now offer both in-person and virtual workshops. Smaller workshops assist 20 to 30 people fill out applications, and our biggest event of the year, an annual Citizenship Day in Boston, assists over 250 people fill out their applications in one day.

Citizenship Workshop Appointment Options


  • Workshops are held on Zoom
  • Scheduled applicants meet with volunteers in Zoom breakout rooms (or over the phone for those who cannot access Zoom) to complete applications


  • Workshops are held at our office, community organizations and public libraries, partner law firms, and other locations where we can meet community members
  • Scheduled applicants come in-person to meet volunteers to complete applications
  • Citizenship Day in Boston has been our largest annual event in which we help over 250 immigrants fill out citizenship applications in one day. This event has included municipal support and collaboration from the Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement for the City of Boston (To learn more check out Citizenship Day Events here) 


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