Volunteer with Project Citizenship

Volunteer and pro bono service increases our capacity to serve immigrants, keeps our organization cost-efficient, and involves community members in the transformative process of citizenship.

By volunteering, you get hands-on experience and training from citizenship experts and connect with diverse immigrants from across the globe. Attorneys and law students can fulfill pro bono requirements. Most importantly, you give back to immigrant communities by helping overcome barriers to naturalization.

Looking to get your firm or company involved? Contact us at volunteer@projectcitizenship.org.

What can I do as a volunteer?

Participate in a Citizenship Workshop

Application assistance: Complete naturalization applications with pre-screened applicants. Open to non-attorneys; one-hour training required.

Quality control: Review completed applications with pre-screened applicants. Reserved for licensed attorneys and DOJ Accredited Representatives; one-hour training required.

Check out: Direct applicants to sign forms, and discuss fee waiver/payment and next steps through naturalization interview. Open to non-attorneys; 30-minute training required.

Advocate at Naturalization Interviews

Interview Representation: Attend naturalization interviews with applicants with disabilities to advocate for approval of a medical disability waiver. Reserved for licensed attorneys and DOJ Accredited Representatives; one-hour training required.

Eligibility Intake and Interpretation

Are you multilingual? Interpret telephonically and/or in-person for eligibility intake calls, appointments to complete citizenship applications, and naturalization interviews.

Help screen applicants for citizenship eligibility and increase language accessibility with your language skills! Requires regular availability; 30-minute training required. 

What’s needed to volunteer?

  • Attend or watch mandatory training
  • Abide by Project Citizenship’s volunteer expectations and WISP policy

Virtual opportunities only

Upcoming Opportunities

See below upcoming volunteer opportunities. After registering, look for emailed confirmation with details.

Questions? Contact us at:

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