Who We Are


Our History

Project Citizenship began as the Greater Boston Citizenship Initiative, a collaboration of community partners in Massachusetts seeking to increase naturalization rates in Massachusetts. The initiative was created by a committed group of immigrant, community-based, and direct service organizations to educate immigrants about the benefits of citizenship and to provide the services and resources necessary for eligible legal permanent residents (LPRs) to overcome the barriers to naturalization.

Our Vision

Project Citizenship’s mission is to educate immigrants about the benefits of citizenship, and to help eligible, legal permanent residents to overcome barriers to naturalization.

The Challenge

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, only 10% of the eligible 220,800 LPRs became citizens in Massachusetts each of the last ten years. Currently, there are approximately 268,000+ LPRs in Massachusetts who are eligible to become U.S. citizens but have not completed the process. The significant number of eligible persons not becoming U.S. citizens is at odds with the benefits of obtaining such status. Citizenship confers important rights, including eligibility for certain federal jobs, federal grants and scholarships, and other federal public benefits.  But most importantly, citizenship helps build stronger, more united communities by encouraging civic participation, engagement, and a more representational governmentNaturalized immigrants are voting in increasing numbers. 

Our Work

Project Citizenship provides free assistance to eligible permanent residents who seek to become U.S. citizens.  Project Citizenship and its partner organizations offer regular citizenship workshops in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. In addition, Project Citizenship partner with organizations to promote civics and English instruction.  

Citizenship Workshops

At its frequent citizenship workshops, Project Citizenship assists eligible LPRs to complete citizenship applications.  Project Citizenship provides screening, advice, legal guidance, referrals and materials needed to successfully complete the citizenship application.  Project Citizenship also provides materials to help applicants pass their citizenship tests, and to later  become fully integrated and engaged U.S. citizens. At these workshops, immigration lawyers, Department of Justice (DOJ) accredited representatives, law students and other trained volunteers screen applicants for eligibility, make needed referrals and guide applicants through the entire application process

Citizenship Days

Citizenship Day in Boston is the largest annual citizenship workshop in New England, drawing over 450 citizenship applicants and over 400 community volunteers, law students and pro bono attorneys. Citizenship Day is an annual event hosted by Project Citizenship and the Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement. Since the first Citizenship Day in 2014, thousands of applicants have applied for citizenship at these events with the help of volunteer attorneys, law students, and community members.

Project Citizenship invites all eligible permanent residents who would like to apply for citizenship or learn more to call us at 617-694-5949.

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