Pro Bono Attorneys

Pro Bono Opportunities:

  • Staff a citizenship workshop for a few hours: help applicants review their N-400 citizenship applications for quality and accuracy.
  • Accept a naturalization case for pro bono representation. Cases will have an issue of complexity such as a criminal record or documentation issues.
  • Mentor a community-based organization.
  • Field calls in response to immigration questions.

Visit our events page to sign up for a workshop, or email us at [email protected] for more information.



Charles Sanders on why he volunteers:

“I volunteer for Project Citizenship because it’s inspiring to see people who view this country as a land of opportunity, and it’s rewarding to help them through the process.  My first pro bono client commented after having his application approved, “Now I can die happy,” to which I jokingly responded, “Not until you take the oath!”

The citizenship workshops make you appreciate how daunting the application can be to those who don’t have a degree in dealing with forms and legalese, as we do, and it doesn’t take much training to be able to provide meaningful assistance.  The citizenship workshops provide a self-contained opportunity to do some good in a few hours – there’s no big commitment to training or long-term client responsibility required.”