Andy Liebman is award-winning filmmaker, software entrepreneur, and political activist. Having graduated from Tufts University with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, he began his career in the early 1980’s as a producer, director, writer and editor of documentary and docudrama films for PBS and the Discovery Channel – including many episodes of Frontline, NOVA, Scientific American Frontiers, Race to Save the Planet (environment), and The Secret of Life (genetics).  He won the duPont Columbia award for excellence in journalism as well as multiple national Emmy awards for his ground-breaking work covering science, history, nature and politics. While producing a Discovery Channel series that was following a simulated human mission to Mars and that was being shot and edited by a team of people in below freezing weather in the Canadian Arctic, he conceived of technology that would enable a group of directors, video editors and assistants to work collaboratively (a problem he faced in this particular production), leading to the founding of EditShare.

Andy served as CEO of EditShare for 15 years, and his vision for how technology could fuel collaboration and bring efficiency to production had a major impact on the way television programs and films were made around the world.

As Andy stepped back from EditShare, he got involved in politics and worked diligently during the 2020 election cycle to get out and protect the vote.  Using his organization, technology, and communication skills, he helped recruit and manage a small army of phone bankers and letter writers. Moving forward, Andy plans to stay involved with political and social activism.  He is also currently establishing a new nonprofit that’s focused on getting fiction and non-fiction media to become a more constructive force in the world.

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