What Applicants Say About Project Citizenship

I came from the Interview for naturalization and [it ] is an honor informed to you I’m happy because I passed the test. Yes yes yes God is good.

God bless you for all support and your team members for your work and always called me for this process and thank you to Univision for announced this initiative every time because my dream is successful.

And I will good citizen.
God bless you beautiful attorney for support this cause and good work.
And I only waiting for the ceremony I hope is coming soon.”

– Adela




“I would like to first and foremost offer my deepest gratitude for providing me with the opportunity of becoming a citizen of the United States.  It is a goal that many non-U.S. citizens hope to accomplish and this program has made it possible for me.  This means so much to me as it will certainly open doors to opportunities that I did not have access to prior.  I can now vote, and basically have the same rights as any U.S. citizen.  The possibilities are endless!  I know that were it not for the program, I would have had a difficult time gaining citizenship like many others do.  So, I thank you and am forever grateful that you gave me the chance to succeed in the future.  A program like this only comes around every so often if at all, and it is something that is needed because everyone deserves the chance to live the American dream!”

– SheriffaIMG_2282











“I want to be a citizen of the United States because it offers all liberty and all security of citizenship that one needs.  Precisely for that reason, I want to be an American citizen.”

– Felix (at a November 2014 citizenship workshop)


“I am proud to become an American citizen, because I want to travel, go places, go to school, work and do different stuff.”

– Lisa




“I want to become a U.S. citizen because I have been in the country for over 10 years and I want to have the ability to vote.  Yeah, I want to be able to vote.”

– Robert

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