Give through work

Did you know that many workplaces have the option of setting up pre-tax payroll deductions or have employer matching programs?

Giving through work can either be an amount deducted from your paycheck pre-tax that is sent automatically to Project Citizenship or can be an employer matching program, in which your employer will match (to a certain amount) a donation you give to encourage you to support the community.

Each business runs their giving programs differently, so we encourage you to talk to your employer about their options for giving through work.

Information you may need:

– Our Federal Tax ID number is 37-1769643
– Our legal name is Project Citizenship Inc.
– Our new address is: 11 Beacon St. Suite 720, Boston, MA, 02108

Please call 617-694-5949 or email Interim Executive Director, Gail Breslow ( if you have questions about setting up giving through your workplace. 

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