I am currently experiencing trouble with G-28s and was wondering if anyone else (especially those with multiple locations) are having similar problems.


I have two major problems:

(1) Our ABCD East Boston location is not receiving any notices despite properly completing the G-28

– Both one of our BIA Reps and I have signed G-28s to the East Boston location but we are not receiving any notices. We did receive one notice at the end of October (fee waiver approval) related to a case that was submitted in July (huh??).


(2) Cases signed out of one location are being incorrectly assigned to other locations

– For example, I signed a G-28 for an N-400 listing ABCD Parker Hill as the organization. Months later, when I am trying to figure out the client’s interview date, I learn that the case was assigned to ABCD East Boston. In other words, USCIS treated the case as if I signed the G-28 to East Boston but I really signed it to Parker Hill/Fenway. What is happening?


Ok, one more problem (since I’m on a roll…). I have very mixed experiences receiving notices on my N-600 cases. For example, we submitted three N-600s for a family. I received fee waiver approvals for all three, but then I received approvals for only two. When I contacted the family, they had received approvals for all three. What gives??



We have had some G-28 frustrations as well. Some things that have perhaps helped.

  • Bright blue paper for the G28s.
  • A cover letter that notes a G28 is enclosed.
  • Place the G28 prominently.

We have a few appeals pending on the basis of lack of notice to the attorney or accredited representative.

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