Gender Marker Change

Can I change my gender marker during the N-400 naturalization process?

Yes. You can request that your gender marker be changed by presenting one of the following forms of evidence:

· A court order granting change of sex or gender;

· A government-issued document reflecting the requested gender designation, such as:

o Amended birth certificate

o Passport

o Driver’s license

o Other official document showing identity issued by U.S. government, state or local government, a foreign government

· A letter from a licensed health care professional certifying that the requested gender designation is consistent with your gender identity. A licensed health care professional includes licensed counselors, nurse practitioners, physicians,

physician assistants, psychologists, social workers, and therapists. This letter must include the following information:

o Health care professional’s full name, address, and telephone number;

o Health care professional’s license number and the issuing state, country, or other jurisdiction of the professional license;

o Language stating that the health care professional has treated or evaluated the individual in relation to the individual’s gender identity; and

o Health care professional’s assessment of the individual’s gender identity.

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