June 30, 2019

By Jennifer Kopf, Lancaster Online

Rachel Bofuasini Bunkete wastes no time.

She’s a busy woman, with a husband, a daughter who’s studying in Baltimore to be a dental assistant, a son who graduated this month from McCaskey High School and an adult son who still lives in Democratic Republic of Congo.

And she juggles those responsibilities with lots of overtime work as a machine operator for Anvil International in Columbia.

But when it came to studying for her American citizenship exam, she says, there was no question that she’d find a way to fit in one more priority.

She spent five years waiting through permanent resident status for her earliest opportunity to become a naturalized citizen.

Was becoming an American citizen a difficult decision?

“Not for me,” she says. “I was waiting for that day. … I’ve been waiting to vote. I’ll give my opinion if they need it.”


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