Must an Applicant Say They Failed to File a Tax Return if They Did Not Work in a Given Year?

This is an N-400 filing tip regarding the question about whether the applicant has ever not filed a federal, state or local tax return since becoming a permanent resident. USCIS has issued the following guidance:

“If you did not file a tax return since you became a lawful permanent resident, even if you were not required to file based on your income, check ‘Yes’ and provide a written explanation.”

USCIS is requiring the applicant to check “Yes” and submit an addendum even if the applicant did not work in a given year (or years) and was thus not required to file a tax return for those years. Please let me know if you have any questions about this. See you all in a short while.


Note: Any addendum must comply with the instructions below:

“If you need more space to answer a question, attach another sheet of paper. Make sure you include the following information on each additional sheet of paper you submit:

  • Your Alien Registration Number (A-Number);
  • Any applicable dates;
  • Application Part and Item number; and
  • Your signature.
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