New Filing Fees

Tomorrow, December 23, 2016, marks the beginning of implementation of USCIS’ new filing and biometric services fees. Here at Project Citizenship, we have been pushing cases to completion in order to avoid applicants paying the increased fees. In particular, our N600 applicants have been the priority, as the fee is rising from $600 to $1,170. As a reminder, applicants may pay the fees by check, money order, or credit card authorization form.


Applicants may also submit form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver, in lieu of payment. Applicants who receive a means-tested benefit, such as Mass Health, SNAP, or fuel assistance, qualify for a fee waiver. Applicants whose spouse is receiving a means-tested benefit will also normally qualify for a fee waiver if the applicant is residing with the spouse and is not legally separated. Applicants whose household income is at or below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines, or who can prove a financial hardship, will also qualify for a fee waiver. Remember to include relevant documentation with all requests for fee waivers.

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