Project Cieric foxtizenship would like to thank and congratulate Eric Fox, attorney at Goodwin Procter LLP, for reaching 100 hours of pro bono service with our program. Eric started volunteering in the summer of 2014, and has joined us at workshops in Providence, Lowell, Framingham, and Worcester, in addition to events in Boston. At Citizenship Day 2014, he volunteered at the Dorchester site, and joined us again at Citizenship Day 2015 in Roxbury. Eric’s experience and dedication to our work has been invaluable. He helps support the Project Citizenship staff by serving as Team Captain at workshops, and has been an advocate for others to be pro bono volunteers as well.

“Being an American citizen means so many things to me,” says Eric. “It means being part of the fabric of a country in which I can practice whatever religion I like, or not worship at all. It means being able to speak my mind without fear of government reprisal. It means being able to vote for those who run my country. But most of all, it means being a citizen of the greatest country in the world. I chose to volunteer for Project Citizenship because immigrants are what make our country great and moreover, I would like to aid naturalization applicants to officially become part of it.”

We cannot express how grateful we are for his commitment. Thank you and congratulations, Eric!

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