Updated G-28 Notice of Appearance

USCIS recently released an updated version of the G-28 Notice of Appearance. Much like when USCIS updated the N-400, the form is now twice as many pages as it was previously. And again like the N-400, much of the information is the same, but it was moved around to different places on the form.

The one addition to the form that is worth mentioning is Part 4, which holds a lot of information and can be somewhat confusing. There are three main pieces to Part 4:


1. Applicant’s consent to representation

a. By signing the G-28, the person is agreeing to have an attorney or accredited representative represent him/her during the naturalization process


2. Authorization for the release of information

a. By signing, the applicant is allowing DHS to disclose information about the applicant to the attorney/accredited representative who filed the G-28.


3. Mailings

a. The new form introduces two options for where documents should be sent.

i. By checking 2.a, the applicant is requesting that all documents, receipts, and notices be sent ONLY to the attorney or accredited representative. The applicant will not receive any mail from USCIS if this box is checked.

1. Practice Tip: It is then the responsibility of the attorney/accredited representative to notify the applicant of all mailings received.

ii. By checking 2.b, the applicant is requesting that all identity documents (green card, employment authorization card, etc.) be sent to the attorney/accredited representative.

1. Practice Tip: This does not apply in naturalization cases. Do not check 2.b!

b. Bottom Line: If you do not check either 2.a or 2.b, BOTH the attorney/accredited representative will receive receipts and notices. I did confirm this information with USCIS Community Relations Officer Dawn Slaven.


Attached is an annotated G-28. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!



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