USCIS New Green Card Design

Please see below for a message from USCIS regarding the new design for green cards.


To: USCIS Stakeholders:

Attached are the Green Card comparison graphics in English and Spanish. The two graphics compare the previous Employment Authorization Document (EAD)/ Green Card design to the new redesign and highlight some of the features on the new cards.


We have developed these graphics as a way to highlight the changes to the redesigned EAD/Green Cards. These graphics help us further provide valuable information to our customers on the new cards which may prevent some inquiries about “incorrect” or “erroneous” documents.  The graphics provide high level information on the cards which balances security concerns with our need to inform the public and workforce.


Please read more here:


Thank you



Green Card Comparison Old and New in English

Green Card Comparison Old and New in Spanish



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