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General Immigration Information

Dual Citizenship (12/12/2014)

Citizenship and Taxes (2/13/2015)

Qualifications for Public Benefits (3/13/2015)

Overview of INA, IRCA, IMMACT, and IIRIRA (6/26/2015)

SNAP (2/6/2015)

Gender Inequality in Nationality Laws (2/19/2017)

Immigration Data (3/17/2017)

Know Your Rights Handouts from AILA if ICE Visits (3/20/2017)

Travel Warning for Nationals of Certain Countries Designated by Executive Order (1/30/2017)

International Travel (6/02/2017)

Travel Ban Update (6/28/2017)

DACA Program Termination (09/08/2017)


Citizenship/Naturalization Requirements

Denial, Withdrawal, and Appeals (12/19/2014)

(Un)Lawful Admission (1/23/2015)

Expeditious Naturalization (4/3/2015)

New USCIS Guide to Naturalization (12/2/2016)

Citizenship for Military Members (2/10/2017)

Special Eligibility for Asylum, Refugee, and VAWA (2/24/2017)

New Executive Order

Military Service and Citizenship (7/7/17)


N-400 Questions

Status Information Letter re: Selective Service for N-400 (5/27/2014)

What Happens to Original Documents Sent to USCIS? What if Client Doesn’t Have Originals? (6/11/2014)

Tips for N-400 (6/10/2014)

Must an Applicant Say They Failed to File a Tax Return if They Did Not Work in a Given Year? (6/4/2014)

Oath Exemptions, Voting Issues, and “Due Consideration” (10/17/2014)

Incorrectly Spelled Name on Green Card (1/30/2015)

New Annotated N-400 (6/10/2016)

USCIS Published Revised N-400 (9/29/2016)

Message from USCIS Regarding Form N-400 (12/13/2016)

N-400 Practice Tips for Muslim Clients (3/10/2017)

Undocumented Spouses (4/7/2017)

Attachment to the Constitution/Oath of Allegiance Modification (7/28/17)


N-600 Questions

N-600 Training Materials

Citizenship for Adopted Children (5/05/2017)

Gender-based differences in the requirements for N-600 applicants (6/16/2017)


Disability Waivers and Accommodations

Sample Medical Release Form

Documents to Give to Doctors for N-648

Psychologist Referral List for N-648 (7/9/2014)

Training on Disability Waiver (Video Recording) (7/24/2014)

Modifications / Accommodations for Interview and Other Interaction with USCIS (11/7/2014)

Waiving Oath Due to Mental Capacity (12/5/2014)

N-648 Disability Waiver Packet (3/27/2015)

N-648 Medical Certification for Disabled Exceptions (1/13/2017)

New N648 Edition (4/11/2017)

Updated Annotated N648 (4/27/2017)

Waivers for Oath of Allegiance (6/30/2017)

The Role and Use of Interpreters in Naturalization Interviews (7/21/17)

Oath Ceremony Accommodations (08/11/2017)


Fees / Fee Waivers

G-1450 (10/26/2015)

Wrongfully Denied Fee Waiver Requests (11/6/2015)

New Fee Waiver and Proposed Fee Changes (5/4/2016)

New Filing Fees (12/22/2016)

USCIS Reduced Fee Form (11/17/2016)

New Fees (12/22/2016)

2016 Poverty Guidelines for Reduced Fee Waiver

Credit Cards Cannot Be Used for N-600 (2/6/2017)


Criminal History and Other Legal Issues

Abbreviations on Criminal Record (8/6/2014)

Questions Related to Marriage (10/10/2014)

“Crimmigration ABC”: Common Words, Phrases, and Terms at Crossroads of Crimes and Immigration (11/21/2014)

Basic Legal Citations (5/1/2015)

BIA Decision – Voting (5/8/2015)

Admission Case Study (5/15/2015)

Can a Person Who Owes Child Support Apply for Naturalization? (5/29/2015)

Case on Whether False Claim to U.S. Citizenship Makes Individual Inadmissible (6/5/2015)

Public Charge as Grounds for Inadmissibility and Deportability (6/12/2015)

Applicants Who Are Registered to Vote (10/30/2015)

Crimmigration Training Materials (12/17/2015)

Vacated Convictions Case Study (4/24/2015)

Case of Investigation of Marriage for Naturalization through Marriage (12/12/2016)

False Claims to Citizenship (1/19/2017)

False Statements Bar to Good Moral Character (2/3/2017)

Effect of a Withdrawn Admission to Sufficient Facts (4/14/2017)

Smuggling (5/19/2017)

Naturalization of Former U.S. Citizens Following Prior Renunciation of Citizenship (5/26/2017)

Cancellation of Certificates of Citizenship BIA Case (6/09/2017)

Single Scheme of Criminal Misconduct (8/4/17)


DOJ Accreditation

Unauthorized Practice of Law and Representation (1/16/2015)

BIA Accreditation (3/17/2015)

Code of Federal Regulations Definition of “Practice” of Immigration Law (11/18/2016)

DOJ Recognition and Accreditation (3/17/2017)

New Recognition and Accreditation Rule

State-by-State Guide Regarding Unauthorized Practice of Law (3/5/2017)


Dealing with USCIS

Requesting Records, Part 1: FOIA / PA Requests (10/24/2014)

Requesting Records, Part 2: FOIA / PA, CORI, FBI, and Certified Dockets (10/31/2014)

Updated G-28 Notice of Appearance (3/20/2015)

Travel and Appointment Notices (11/20/2015)

Biometrics Notifications (9/23/2016)

Photos No Longer Needed when Applying for Citizenship (9/29/2016)

USCIS Operations (11/21/2016)

G-28 Problems (11/30/2016)

Note on Not Highlighting Documents (3/1/2017)

Motion to Reopen (3/3/2017)

Form N-565 (3/24/2017)

What to Do If Clients are Asked to Relinquish Their Green Cards and Sign Form I-407, Abandonment of LPR Status (2/7/2017)

Important Notice from USCIS Boston Regarding Biometrics Appointments – Change in Address (3/29/2017)

Expired Green Cards (3/31/2017)

Redesigned Permanent Resident Cards and Employment Authorization Documents (4/21/2017)

USCIS New Green Card Design (7/05/2017)

USCIS’ Policy Regarding Selective Service Registration (7/14/17)

USCIS Policy Manual Update – Biometrics (7/26/17)

USCIS Forms Update Notice – N-565 (7/24/17)

August 2017 USCIS District Meeting Notes (08/25/2017)

Foreign Language Materials

Haitian Materials – Translated Civics Questions (11/10/2014)

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