Citizenship Day

Citizenship Day in Boston has been a large in-person citizenship application workshop. Since the event began in 2014, nearly 3,000 applicants have applied for citizenship – beginning their journey on Citizenship Day. On average, we have served applicants from over 50 countries in a single day event and we have completed over 1,200 fee waivers, providing financial support for low-income applicants, during these workshops. Thanks to the help of volunteer attorneys, law students, and community members we have been able to keep this tradition alive.

During our annual Boston Citizenship Day, Project Citizenship and the City of Boston work together to raise awareness about the benefits of citizenship, eligibility, and the availability of Project Citizenship’s FREE citizenship legal services.


What is Citizenship Day?


Boston Citizenship Day is New England’s largest citizenship workshop. In April 2024 we help our tenth annual Boston Citizenship Day, put on in collaboration with the City of Boston’s Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement (MOIA). This year over 400 permanent residents were registered to start their journey to become U.S. citizens. To expand and further raise the naturalization rate in Massachusetts, we will continue building community through citizenship in 2024 at other Citizenship Workshops in partnership with municipalities around the Commonwealth. For more information, see our upcoming Citizenship Days below!


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